17 SEO Myths to forget in 2017

Improve your SEO strategy to get more results in 2017

Digital marketing in general and especially SEO techniques are not an exact science. Everything changes with the use of the Internet and the evolution of technology. As a result, many of the “proven” tactics people have used in the past — like keyword stuffing, link schemes, and so on — are now the stuff of legends.

If your organization does not benefits from having a dedicated SEO person, keeping up with the latest changes in the world of SEO can be a struggle.

Becaise YES, SEO has “changed a lot” ! There are multiple updates per year from Google – last year’s major Penguin update happened in September 2016, which made rewarding high-quality websites a part of its core algorithm. The result is that today, successful inbound marketers must turn their attention to a long overdue focus on high-quality content.

In our SEO guide, 17 SEO Myths to forget in 2017 we highlight  how SEO has changed over the course of 2016, and reiterate some of the best practices that should continue to guide your strategy through 2017.

This guide is going to point out all of the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you. Our mission is to ensure that you’re not wasting a single moment on things that simply don’t matter for SEO in 2017!

Check out the SEO Myths guide to learn more about what changes you’ll need to make with your SEO strategy moving forward.