He left the law firm, became a hairdresser and now he earns double.

From an early age, art was present in the life of Fernando Giarini Fontes, 51 years old. He did some courses, but seeing family, this was not a job. “At most a hobby,” they said. Sources, then, gave up the dream and spent 25 long years of his life in “real jobs.”

After having gone through large companies, including PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC), he opened his accounting office and went to law school to complement the two professions. With this, he set up a consultancy that mainly met the business demands. An employee of the Embelleze Institute tried to get Fontes in the street to take a hairdressing course. At first the idea struck him as odd. He came home, shared the affair with his wife, and they both laughed at the possibility of that happening. However, gradually, the thinking became a “why not?”. When a representative of the franchise telephoned to reinforce the invitation, Fontes decided to accept.

Just for hobby


Fontes and his wife maintain a nursing home, and he wanted to find new ways of interacting with the elderly. So he thought about taking a barber course, which would be less judged by other people and even by himself.

However, two weeks later he went on to do the hairdressing course as well, breaking his own taboo. “I myself had a lot of prejudice. Today, when I come to any place and ask myself what my profession is, I answer ‘or a hairdresser,’ “says Fontes.

Fontes recalls that the decision was not well accepted by the family and even less by the wife. Today, accustomed to the idea, she is one of its main clients.

When Fontes made his first hair, he remembered what he learned in the art class: keep his mind full. “For the first time I got it. While I worked, I had peace of mind. When I finished, I saw the customer’s smile and it made my heart brighten. ” After that, the entrepreneur made 48 more specializations in the area, including international ones.

He was invited to be a course instructor at the school and reconciled teaching with the office. Gradually, he realized that he could do better if he were franked. He bought the unit in which he was working, in Vila Maria, north of São Paulo, and is already a year and a half ahead of the franchise. Fontes broke away from the office and began to devote himself fully to the beauty market.
With the pen in hand and the scissors in the other

Fontes still teaches classes and acts as a hairdresser, since some clients are looking for him directly. The hairdresser claims that his income today is twice what he earned at the time he had the office.

The unit’s annual turnover is around R $ 2 million. “We grew 130% in 2016 and 80% in 2017,” he says. The courses cost between R $ 900 and R $ 4,000, with parcels around R $ 250. The school works both with private lessons and with classes.

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